Freshwater Fishes of Britain


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This is the ultimate photographic guide to the freshwater fish of the UK. The author has fast been gaining a reputation for his innovative photographic techniques, which include specialist underwater methods involving long lenses and super macro, and the format is intended to show off the stunning images to their full potential. Over 60 species are covered, from the mighty Atlantic Salmon to the tiny but beautifully coloured. Three-spined Stickleback, and including fish with amazing lifecycles such the European Eel, which travels thousands of miles to the Sargasso Sea in the western Atlantic Ocean in between hatching and spawning. Each species is illustrated with at least one (usually more) colour photograph and the accompanying text describes the author's encounters with the species, and also covers key identification features, habitat, distribution, and other useful information. Covering every British species, including all of those that are common and widespread, this book will have strong appeal to both naturalists and anglers across the country.

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150 colour photographs
225 x 225 mm

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