Freshwater Algae: Identification and Use as Bioindicators 2nd edition


  • Author: Bellinger, EG & Sigee, DD
  • Date Pub: 2015 February
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9781118917169
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  • Published byWiley-Blackwell - more

  • The same clear writing style as the first edition to provide an easily accessible source of information on algae within standing and flowing waters, and the problems they may cause
  • Identification of observable morphological features that can be readily observed under a conventional light microscope
  • Up-to-date information on the molecular determination of taxonomic status, analytical microtechniques and the potential role of computer analysis in algal biology
  • Upgrades to numerous line drawings to include more detail and extra species information, full colour photographs of live algae – including many new images from the USA and China.
  • Bridging the gap between simple identification texts and highly specialised research volumes, this book is used both as a comprehensive introduction to the subject and as a laboratory manual.
  • This is the second edition of Freshwater Algae; the popular guide to temperate freshwater algae. This book uniquely combines practical information on sampling and experimental techniques with an explanation of basic algal taxonomy plus a key to identify the more frequently-occurring organisms. Fully revised, it describes major bioindicator species in relation to key environmental parameters and their implications for aquatic management.

    The new edition will be invaluable to aquatic biologists for algal identification, and for all practitioners and researchers working within aquatic microbiology in industry and academia.

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    288 pages
    Well illustrated with numerous original illustrations and photographs.

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