Fresh and Fabulous Flowers in Acrylics


  • Author: Laure Paillex
  • Date Pub: 2008
  • ISBN: ISBN 9781581809763
  • Published byNorth Light - more

Learn how to create fabulous floral designs using a fresh, contemporary approach.

Teaches everything the reader needs to know about designing and composing vivid fresh-flower paintings in this increasingly popular medium. Moving away from the traditional 'flowers in a vase' pose, these bouquets are fresh-picked from the garden! Laid out in a simple, fun, free and forgiving approach, this guide breaks down the design process into small, easy-to-take steps, without a lot of boring theory or dense text to read through.

Acrylics is a medium that is gaining in popularity Offers an updated, less formal and more relaxed look to painting flowers Flowers are a popular subject for artist

Softcover, Size: 216 x 279 mm, Illustrations: 350, Pages: 128

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  • Condition: New

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