Following Pistachio Footprints Pistacia vera L. - Cultivation and Culture, Folklore and History, Traditions and Use


  • Author: Damiano Avanzato and Ignazio Vassallo
  • Date Pub: 2008 December
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9789066055414
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  • Scripta Horticulturae Number 7
  • The present volume, Following Pistachio Footprints, published in the International Society for Horticultural Science series Scripta Horticulturae originates from the collaboration of a CRA researcher with different international colleagues and with the Region of Sicily under whose responsibility the printing was realized. The book, entirely bilingual in English and Italian, provides information on research, experimentation, cultivation techniques, the origin of the cultivars, the distribution, history traditions and utilization in most of the countries which cultivate the pistachio. The title, "Following Pistachio Footprints" reflects the ancient roots on the knowledge of this plant. Indeed, already the Bible makes a reference to Jacob who sent pistachios, together with other fruits, as a present to the Pharaoh.

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    126 pages

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