Following Olive Footprints (Olea europaea L.) - Cultivation and Culture, Folklore and History, Tradition and Uses


  • Author: Mohamed El-Kholy
  • Date Pub: 2012 June
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9789066057340
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  • Scripta Horticulturae 13
  • This book is a joint publication of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), the Association of Agricultural Research Institutions in the Near East and North Africa (AARINENA) and the International Olive Council (IOC) - the 447 page olive compendium has been compiled in nearly two years by 99 authors from 41 countries distributed across the 7 continents of the world. Some of these countries are well known to researchers, scientists and the public, being large olive producers with prominent knowledge and research about all things olives; like Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Syria, Turkey and Egypt among so many others. Oliviculture in the new world has been well manifested through the contribution of countries like Argentina, Australia, USA, and Peru among others.

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    446 pages

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