Flore du Vaucluse


  • Author: Bernard Girerd and Jean-Pierre Roux
  • Date Pub: 2011
  • Published byBiotope - more

The third flora for the area produced since 1978, aiming to identify, describe and locate all the flora of Vaucluse. The department is located north east of the lower Rhone valley, perhaps the most well known landmark in the area being Mont Ventoux. The flora contains 2038 taxa. For each species, there is a full description and update, and determination keys for all genera with 3 or more species. The book was designed for use by amateur botanists and local experts. Includes French as well as Latin nmaes.
For convenient use in the field the book has been printed on lightweight hard wearing paper with a flexible waterproof cover.
A5 substantial paperback. 1024 pages. No illustrations
ISBN: 9782914817653

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  • Condition: New

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