Flora of the Pan-Himalaya Volume 48 (part 2) Asteraceae II (Saussurea)


  • Editors: Hang Sun, Mark F Watson, Jun Wen, Xian-Chun Zhang
  • This second part of Volume 48 of the Flora of Pan-Himalaya is devoted to the single genus, Saussurea of the Asteraceae family, which has wide medicinal applications. This is the largest family in the Pan-Himalaya, with 235 species, 149 of which are endemic to the Pan-Himalaya. Saussurea is a notoriously difficult, largely Asiatic, genus with often indistinct species boundaries. Many new species of Saussurea were described in the course of preparing this account. The nomenclatural novelties in this volume include five changes in status, and 17 new synonyms. 27 lectotypes are newly designated. During the research for this volume, the author and his team described 40 new species of Saussurea, and these, along with numerous new designations and classifications, are recorded here for the first time.

    Table of Contents
    Part I. Asteraceae II:
    1. Saussurea
    2. Subg. Theodorea
    3. Subg. Eriocoryne
    4. Subg. Amphilaena
    5. Subg. Saussurea
    List of nomenclatural novelties published in this volume of the Flora of Pan-Himalaya
    Index to scientific names.

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    340 pages
    96 b/w line drawings, 234 b/w distribution maps
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