Flora of Oregon, Volume 1: Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms, and Monocots


The Oregon Flora Project, Oregon State University, and Botanical Research Institute of Texas Press have collaborated to publish the Flora of Oregon, the first comprehensive flora of Oregon in over 50 years – with illustrations!

The Flora of Oregon is a three-volume reference that will be the only state flora published in the past half century and the first illustrated floristic work that exclusively addresses Oregon. Volume 1 presents treatments of the pteridophytes, gymnosperms, and monocots – 1 054 taxa, or 23% of all native and naturalized vascular plants of Oregon. The taxonomic treatments include dichotomous keys, family and generic synopses, full taxon descriptions, and illustrations. A dot map depicting vouchered occurrences and highlighted ecoregions that host the taxon accompanies each description. There are pen and ink illustrations of 521 taxa, including 86 new works by artist John Myers.

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Further Information:

608 pages,
73 colour photos,
520+ b/w line drawings,
distribution maps
7.5 inches ×10.5 inches

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