Flora of North America volume 28. Bryophytes: Mosses part 2


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  • Completes the treatment of mosses (started in FNA vol. 27: Bryophyta, part 1) for the Flora area
  • Includes treatments prepared by 44 authors covering 698 species in 206 genera classified in 48 families
  • Provides descriptions for all of the families, genera, and species as well as occurrence maps for the species and 53% of the species are illustrated
  • Includes an overall key to the 333 genera of mosses known from North America north of Mexico
  • The Flora of North America (FNA) is intended to have two volumes (27 and 8) devoted to mosses, and one (29) to liverworts and hornworts. The books essentially replace Moss Flora of North America by A.J. Grout. There is an introductory chapter on phylogenetics and a key to moss genera. A corrections page for volume 27 os included. All the illustrations are new

    The currently known moss flora has 1402 species in 333 genera classified in 81 families. For the genera, 17 (5%) are endemic to the Flora area and 273 (19.5%) of the species are endemic with 36 (2.6%) of those considered to be of conservation concern.

    FNA is a synoptic account of the plants of North America north of Mexico ansd is intended as both an identification guide and a systematic conspectus of the North American Flora.

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    Black and White Illustrations throughout

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