Flora of Nepal. Volume 3


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Flora of Nepal. Magnoliaceae to Roseaceae
Edited by Mark F. Watson, Shinobu Akiyama, Hiroshi Ikeda, Colin A. Pendry, Keshab R.Rajbhandari, Krishna K. Shrestha.

Nepal is a country of rich biodiversity; with habitats ranging from tropical jungles to the icy peaks of the world's highest mountains. Centred in a Global Biodiversity Hotspot and home to a third of all Himalayan species Nepal's ecosystems are crucial to life across Asia. The Flora of Nepal is the first comprehensive record of this diversity.

Volume 3 documents 600 species in 21 families, including

•Magnoliaceae •Lauraceae •Fumariaceae •Papaveraceae •Capparaceae
•Cruciferae •Crassulaceae •Saxifragaceae •Grossulariaceae

Keys and descriptions are given for all species, with over 50 pages of illustrations and district-level maps showing distributions within Nepal. Ecology, phenology, ethnobotany and taxonomic issues are also recorded.

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