Flora of Florida : Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms v. 1


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Flora of Florida, Volume I, is the first of a proposed eight-volume comprehensive reference to the more than 3,800 vascular plants, native and non-native, known to occur growing wild in the state.

Richard Wunderlin and Bruce Hansen employ standard botanical treatments and keys for all families, genera, and species of the ferns and non-flowering seed plants (for example, pines, cedars, yews) along with descriptions, illustrations, nomenclature, and distribution information—making this the first single volume to contain all pertinent data. Chapters also cover physical setting, vegetation, and botanical exploration. Forthcoming volumes will include systematic treatment of the dicot families (volumes 2 to 6) and the monocot families (volumes 7 and 8).

This invaluable reference provides botanists, both professional and advanced amateur, detailed information on the common and the rare and endangered ferns and non-flowering seed plants growing wild in Florida, a state with the third richest flora in the United States. Researchers, state and federal agencies, university students, and environmental consultants will also value the volume’s comprehensive descriptions, illustrations, and taxonomic nomenclature.

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About the authors:

Richard P. Wunderlin, professor of biology at the University of South Florida, is the author of Guide to the Vascular Plants of Florida (UPF, 1998), Guide to the Vascular Plants of Central Florida (UPF, 1982), and co-author of the Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants CD-ROM.

Bruce F. Hansen, curator of the University of South Florida Herbarium, is co-author of the Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants CD-ROM.

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384 pages,
8 b&w photos, 68 drawings,
254 x 178 mm

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