Flora Helvetica 4th edition


  • Author: Konrad Lauber, Gerhart Wagner, Andreas Gygax
  • Date Pub: 2012
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Flora Helvetica - an illustrated flora of Switzerland
French language version. (Also available in German)

This completely revised 4th edition incorporates all the changes arising from the recommendations of the APG III (Angiosperms Phylogeny Group).
The work covers almost all the wild plants in Switzerland. Each record includes one or two color photographs and descriptions including thee most useful characteristics for determination. Latin nomenclature, with German, French and Italian equivalents as well as information on taxonomy, ecology and chorology, distribution maps and frequency indices. In addition, topics such as toxicity, pharmaceutical utility and legal protection of different species are covered. A comprehensive key allows full identification of the species described.

1656 pages, with key (290 pages)
3850 color photographs,
ISBN 9783258077017

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