Flora Helvetica: Flore illustrée de Suisse/ Illustrierte Flora der Schweiz


Publication due May 2018

  • Author: Lauber, Konrad; Wagner, Gerhart; Gygax, Andreas
  • Date Pub: 2018 05 (May)
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9783258080505 / ISBN: 9783258080475
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  • Published byHaupt Verlag - more

  • This new edition will be available in both a French and a German language version, choose when you add the book to your basket. This is the 5th French edition and the 6th German one.
  • Flora Helvetica has been a standard reference for the Swiss flora for more than 20 years.

    Almost all of Switzerland's wild plants, flowering plants and ferns, are listed in the book. Each variety is represented by one or two color photographs of excellent quality and accompanied by a detailed descriptive text containing the Latin scientific, German, French, Italian and Romanche nomenclature, the main characteristics, the ecological requirements, the frequency and the distribution in Switzerland as well as other information such as the degree of threat, toxicity, pharmaceutical usefulness, legal protection.

    This 5th edition has undergone a complete overhaul: the selection of species takes into account more neophytes. The plant names correspond to the last Flora Info 2017 list and all distribution maps have been updated.

    A first edition of a new field guide that complements the new flora is also being launched at the same time. All vascular plants occurring in Switzerland can be identified with detailed and easy-to-understand identification keys, with an emphasis on recognisable features in the field. See bottom of the page to view these books.

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    approx. 1680 pages,
    approx. 3850 color photographs
    13 x 19.3 cm

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