Flora Europaea, Volume 1: Psilotaceae to Platanaceae - Paperback version


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Flora Europaea, published between 1964 and 1980, with a second edition of Volume One appearing in 1993, is the definitive account of the flowering plants, ferns and fern-allies of Europe, covering all plants growing in the wild, including many naturalised species and all widely cultivated crop species. It provides full keys and concise descriptions of families, genera, species and subspecies, together with bibliographic details for accepted species, summaries of geographical distribution, chromosome numbers and habitat information.

Volume One brings the treatment of the first 79 families up to date. Keys and descriptions have been extensively revised, and many taxa have been incorporated, whilst others have been relegated to synonymy as a consequence of research. All synonyms are cited in the text. The Appendices have been thoroughly revised, and information on geographical distribution critically edited to give an authoritative summary of the occurrence of each species in 39 European territories.

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627 pages. P/b. Volumes 2-5 also available in p/b.

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