Flora d'Italia, 2nd Edition: Volume 2


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In this second volume the examination of the Central Eudicotyledons continues , starting from the family Droseraceae , through Caryoplyllaceae, Fabaceae, Bertulaceae, Fagaceae, Rosaceae , Brassicaceae , Malvaceae (including Tiliaceae ), Rutaceae and many other families, ending with Cynomoriaceae .

The systematic order goes, through Superfamilies, Families, Genera, Species, subspecies , up to the varieties and the forms of the same species, each described in detail. Each species is also illustrated by a drawing that highlights the diagnostic details.

Index: Subdivision Ib - Central Eudicotyledonous (Core Eudicots) - Subdivision II - Rosacea - Subdivision II-a - Eurosidi I (Fabidi) - Substotodision II-b - Eurosidi II (Malvids).

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1196 pages, illustrations
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