First Steps in Mushroom Identification ( Agarics and Boleti) Macadam


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Keys to the British Genera This is a guide to help beginners identify agarics and boleti to genus level. An introductory section provides a guide to the keys, of which there are several, and other useful information about identification, spore prints, microscopy and suchlike. After the keys there is a summary of the Agarics and Boleti section of ‘Guide to the Literature for the identification of British Basidiomycetes’ by Brand, Henrici and Leonard, intended for beginners but useful to all. There is also an Index of Genera in 10 publications, including the booklet itself and the recent Funga Nordica. In addition to the main key to genera, Archie includes a key to Galerina which updates the problem key in British Fungus Flora volume 7. Also Derek Schafer’s Simplified key to Coprinus s.l. is included and a comprehensive glossary of terms used in the booklet.

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