Evolutionary Ethnobiology


  • Author: Albuquerque, Ulysses Paulino, De Medeiros, PatrĂ­cia Muniz, Casas, Alejandro (Eds.)
  • Date Pub: Sept 2015
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9783319199160
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  • Published bySpringer-verlag - more

  • The first comprehensive book about evolutionary ethnobiology written in English
  • Includes a formal presentation of theories and approaches on the interface between ecology and evolution in ethnobiology
  • Introduces the understanding of evolution and ecology as driving forces to explain human behavior regarding natural resources
  • This work adds an ecological and evolutionary perspective to the study of the relations
    between humans and natural resources. The first to cover this subject in English, this
    text studies the branch of ethnobiology that analyzes the evolutionary history of human
    behavioral patterns and human understanding about biological resources, considering
    the historical and contemporary aspects that influence these behaviors at both the
    individual and societal levels.
    Ethnobiology aggregates different theoretical, epistemological, and methodological
    perspectives. While some of these perspectives ignore the ecological and evolutionary
    nature of ethnobiology, the conventional ecological science insufficiently considers
    human aspects as topics of theoretical interest. Through exploring theories in
    ethnobiology, this work examines the interrelationships between people and nature,
    considering the forces that helped shape this inextricable link.

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    204 pages,
    9 black & white illustrations,
    11 colour illustrations,
    9 black & white tables
    235 x 155 mm.

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