Estudio monográfico sobre los géneros Hieracium y Pilosella en España. Con referencias a Portugal y los Pirineos franceses [Monographic study on the genera Hieracium and Pilosella in Spain. With references to Portugal and the French Pyrenees]


Publication due Feruary 2018

  • Volume 20 in the Collection: Monographs of Iberian Botany.
  • The first monograph for Spain of the two complex genera Hieracium and Pilosella. It uses dichotomous keys illustrated with photos of fresh material, as well as detailed descriptions, ecology, chorology and observations of taxonomic and nomenclatural type.

    All the genera with anomalous reproduction are very complicated to reduce to typical species and any other type of infragenérico or infraspecific taxon. Surely in Hieracium and Pilosella this difficulty reaches its maximum degree, given its enormous variability, the so nuanced environments that colonize and the facility to generate intermediate strains between the sections further away from each other.
    The methodological classification is that of Nägeli & Peter extended by Zahn, without giving the hybrid treatment to any of the recognized taxa. Its lack of use is not a negation of the hybrid character, but the uncertainty when distinguishing two situations morphologically as similar as hybrids and hybrid species kept apomictically. In addition, we will always indicate parents for all possible hybrids or consolidated species of hybrid origin.

    The treatment of these genera in Flora iberica was written by the same authors. However, there are substantial differnces with this monograph where the treatment is more detailed and uses much broader identification characteristics, with more species considered (340 Hieracium and 72 Pilosella ). Flora iberica is a general work where only keys are provided for essential species about a fifth of those covered in this work.

    Gonzalo Mateo Sanz holds a PhD in Biology, Professor of Botany at the University of Valencia and researcher at the Botanical Garden of Valencia. He has specialized in floristic and phytogeographic studies, in addition to numerous works of botanical taxonomy, with special interest for the genera Biscutella , Hieracium and Pilosella , among others. As an expert in plant taxonomy, he is part of the Flora Iberica team . He is editor of the journal Flora Montiberica and author of books such as Illustrated Keys for Valencian Flora , Atlas of the wild vascular flora of Burgos and their updates of 2014 and 2016 , Flora Valentina , floristic catalog of the mountains of Gúdar and Javalambre (Teruel) , etc., as well as hundreds of articles on taxonomy and the flora of the Iberian System.

    Fermin del Egido
    Fermín del Egido Mazuelas is a Doctor of Environmental Sciences. He has been a researcher and associate professor at the University of León. He is currently a professor of Secondary Education and an independent worker on environmental issues. As a botanist he has specialized in floristic studies, threatened flora, vegetation and its management and cartography, as well as taxonomy works in the genera Hieracium and Pilosella , among others. He is the author of books such as Botanical Jewels of the Babia y Luna Natural Park and more than 50 works published in various scientific journals and numerous technical documents and reports for the Administration. She is part of the Flora Iberica team .

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