Colours of Nature - Botanical Painting


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The author has tested more than 150 artists' watercolour paints from six manufacturers, and the results of this exhaustive testing are not only included here but also analysed, with the best colours recommended in a palette section. Throughout this beautifully illustrated book, Sandrine Maugy guides the reader through a world of colours and exquisite flowers and fruit, explaining simple concepts and more advanced colour-mixing theory while exploring the serendipity and beauty of wet-in-wet watercolour painting. Her 'Harmonic Shadows' theory creates a link between tone and colour, making both work in harmony for better form and purer colours.
Sandrine Maugy is a botanical artist and writer. She is a member of the Society of Botanical Artists and the Society of Floral Painters and is well known for her articles in Artists & Illustrators Magazine. Her painting style is characterised by pure, vibrant colours and dramatic light, which give this traditional style a contemporary twist.

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280 x 210 mm
Hardback, 192 pages

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