Coast Redwood


Gerald Beranek perpetuates the beauty of the coast redwoods with a second photo-rich book on these quiet giants. While hiking numerous trails through the redwood forests of the U.S. westcoast, he takes pictures of the big trees in their natural growth. In contrast to his first illustrated book on redwoods, High Climbers and Timber Fallers, published by Beranek about ten years ago, the brilliant photography in this new book now forgoes all chain-saw work. While the felling of gorgeous redwoods was Beranek's prime subject in "High Climbers", his second photo volume documents the continuing existence and incredible beauty of these awesome trees. Nevertheless the author stands firm in his vocational conviction when stating in the "Coast Redwood" foreword: "I climb and cut redwoods for a living. It's my life and my passion!" Still the perfectly saw-free photography in his new book leads us to believe that the coast redwood truly might have become his very own tree of dreams and fortune.

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284 Pages
500+ colour photographs

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