Claves de Flora Iberica - Volume 1. Plantas vasculares de la Península Ibérica e Islas Baleares. Pteridophyta, Gymnospermae, Angiospermae (Lauraceae-Euphorbiaceae)


  • Author: Castroviejo, Santiago
  • Date Pub: 2001
  • ISBN: 9788400079338
  • Published byCSIC. Madrid - more

The first part of a pocket guide to the Spanish flora, drawn from the first 8 volumes of the massive 'Flora Iberica'. Covers the ferns, gymnosperms, and angiosperm families Lauraceae-Euphorbiaceae.
As well as identification keys of families, genera, species and subspecies, there are details on geographic distribution, habitat, period of flowering and iconography.

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  • Condition: New

Further Information:

900 pp.
1,186 line drawings.
21 x 13 cm

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