Checklist of Legally Protected British Species: Third Edition


Several hundred wild species, some of them widespread and even common, enjoy significant legal protection in Britain. Knowing which they are, and how extensive and strict their protection is, is often critical to landowners, developers, estate managers, planners. civil engineers, those involved in the use and management of land and landscape and, increasingly householders.

This is the third edition of the Checklist and it covers the latest additions and amendments of the legally protected species legislation in Britain - more than 650 invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, fungi and plants. Information is provided on the type and extent of protection afforded, and how this Checklist relates to "Red List", Biodiversity Action Plan and other "notable" species, and new annexes help with aspects of local planning regulations.

70pp. Paperback. Illustrated
ISBN 9781900023061

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