Change in the British Flora 1987-2004


  • Author: M.E. Braithwaite, R.W. Ellis & C.D. Preston
  • Date Pub: 2006
  • ISBN: ISBN: 0901158348
  • Published byBSBI Publications - more

A Report on the BSBI Local Change Survey. 382pp, colour photos, distribution maps, tables. Botanists have been saying for years that familiar wildflowers are disappearing from our hedgerows and open spaces and that unfamiliar ones are arriving. By comparing the results of two surveys at 2km x 2km scale, BSBI is now able to report on the changes in more detail than ever before. As well as giving maps and accompanying text for individual species, there is also treatment of groups to give an indication of general trends. Edited by M.E. Braithwaite, R.W. Ellis & C.D. Preston. Paperback.

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