Buried Treasures: Finding and Growing the World's Choicest Bulbs


  • 384pp.
  • 304 colour photographs; 4 maps
  • Height: 27.2cm
  • Width: 19.6cm
  • Weight: 1.46kg
  • For decades Janis Ruksans has been scouring remote and dangerous regions of Europe and Asia to bring back the botanical treasures that he offers through his nursery, often contending with corrupt government agents, armed rebels, drunken drivers, and even (before the fall of the Soviet Union) the KGB. Packed with accounts of his extensive travels, 'Buried Treasures' also offers an abundance of trustworthy information about the care and cultivation of every major and minor genus of bulb-forming plant.

    Hardback with dust-cover
    ISBN: 9780881928181

    • New Title
    • Condition: New

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