Bulbs in Containers

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An inspirational and accessible guide for speciality plant collectors, alpine and rock gardeners and city gardeners, as well as anyone gardening in small spaces. Readers will learn about the ease and practicality of growing bulbs in containers — bringing year-round colour and interest to one's home. Popular classic bulbs are included, as well as a range of more unusual varieties such as the delicate-looking but surprisingly unfussy corydalis, and graceful, late-spring-flowering scillas. The book details how to plan and prepare for a year of flowering bulbs — how to store bulbs during the dormant period and get them ready for planting, how to make homemade shelters to protect plants during the growing season before they begin to flower and how to create simple accessories that show off the final display. Detailed advice on seed propagation provides gardeners an inexpensive, environmentally friendly and satisfying method of increasing their range of species bulbs.

Hardback. 224pp.


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