Britain's Structure and Scenery - New Naturalist Series 4 (Facsimile Edition)


  • Author: L. Dudley Stamp
  • Date Pub: 2008 (reprint)
  • ISBN: ISBN 0007278510
  • Published byHarper Collins - more

This facsimile reprint is identical in every way to the original first edition.

It would be difficult to find an area of comparable size anywhere in the world with such a variety of physical conditions, scenery and consequently of plant and animal life as the British Isles. Our homeland is indeed a geological museum, epitomising in miniature the geological history of the globe. Each hill and valley, each plateau and plain reflects the underlying geological structure or build.

This volume attempts not only to describe the surface features, but also to sketch the long and complex series of events which have given the land its present form -- the building of the British Isles. It thus deals with the physical background, the stage on which the drama of life is played and which provides the fundamental environment for plants, animals and man.

Hardback. 272pp.

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