Botany for Artists


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Botany for Artists is an accessible introduction to the world of plant science. It is aimed at anyone who is interested in plants and flowers, especially those who wish to draw or paint them without sacrificing technical accuracy to aesthetic quality.

Many botanical artists struggle when closely observing their subject and do not have the structural knowledge necessary to enhance the quality and precision of their work. This informative book addresses the intricacies of plant and floral structure, form and behaviour and seeks to equip artists with a more comprehensive understanding of botany. It offers guidance on topics relevant to botanical artists, explains basic biological concepts to enhance the understanding of observation, provides a springboard of knowledge to enable the reader to tackle more academic literature, and encourages a more confident approach to botanical painting and illustration.

Introduction to all main groups of plants and fungi
Advice and handy tips on topics relevant to botanical artists
Observation helpsheets

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224 pages
360 line-drawings, colour photographs and paintings

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