Botanical Magazine (Curtis's) Volume 26 - Parts 1 & 2


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Curtis's Botanical Magazine has been published continuously since 1787 although there have been several series within the overall sequence. In 1984 the sixth series of Curtis's Botanical Magazine appeared under the banner of the Kew Magazine, a joint title which served to underline the commitment of the Royal Botanical Gardens to the continued publication of this historic periodical. In 1995 the Magazine returned to its roots and the historical and popular name Curtis's Botanical Magazine again took precedence.
Due to some unexpected errors that have affected the quality of reproduction of some images in the initial version of Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Volume 26 Parts 1 & 2, the decision has been made to reprint this particular issue. This republished issue now contains improvements to the line figures and colour plates that are in keeping with the high standard of illustrative reproduction associated with the journal.

Paperback. 198 pages

ISSN 13554905

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