Biological Systems, Biodiversity, and Stability of Plant Communities


  • Author: Larissa I. Weisfeld, Anatoly Iv. Opalko, Nina An. Bome, Sarra Ab. Bekuzarova
  • Date Pub: 2015 June
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9781771880640
  • Published byApple Academic Press - more

This book discusses theoretical approaches to the taxonomy of biological systems and theory and mathematical approaches to the problem of plant diversity, cultivation, and the environment. Particular attention is given to theoretical and practical problems of soil and the environmental sustainability of phytocoenosis, with the goal to enhance the productivity of agricultural crops: cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruit.

Providing valuable information on the distribution of chemical elements in the soil-plant system and on the migration of chemical elements in the food chain, this book looks at the composition of the soil and the distribution of elements in the soil-plant system that are manifested as adaptations of plant organism to environmental conditions. With chapters written by acknowledged scientists in the field of genetics, plant selection, ecology, and agro-economy, the book attempts, in many cases, to find consensus between the need to address ways to decrease the excess load on the environment and the need to provide adequately for the human population in agro-developed countries.

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