Bats From Evolution to Conservation


Second Edition. Also available as a Hardback

Bats are highly charismatic and popular animals that are not only fascinating in their own right, but illustrate most of the topical and important concepts and issues in mammalian biology. This book covers the key aspects of bat biology, including evolution, flight, echolocation, hibernation, reproduction, feeding and roosting ecology, social behaviour, migration, population and community ecology, biogeography, and conservation.

This new edition is fully updated and greatly expanded throughout, maintaining the depth and scientific rigour of the first edition. It is written with infectious enthusiasm, and wel;l illustrated with drawings and colour photographs.

Readership: This is an accessible, authoritative text for students, professionals, and amateur enthususiasts
352 pages. Over 200 illustrations, plus an 8 page colour plate section
ISBN: 9780199207121

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