Atlas of the Seed and Leaf Beetles of Britain and Ireland

Bruchids (seed beetles) and Chrysomelids (leaf beetles) are an important and fascinating group. There are 15 species of Bruchids and 216 species of Chrysomelids in Britain and Ireland. This atlas maps their distribution. For each species there is an account of habitat, world distribution, host plants and life cycle, together with information on parasitoids, parasites and predators.

By way of introduction, the author gives a comprehensive overview of their classification and biology. There are chapters on collecting adults, on studying larvae and pupae, on adult behaviour, and on feeding ecology. Two chapters outline the beetles' economic importance as pests (e.g. lily beetle, heather beetle, rosemary beetle) and in biological control. Additional chapters discuss their scientific importance in assessing environmental change and their value as subjects for conservation.

Paperback. 344 pages(16 colour). 240 x 180 mm

ISBN: 9781874357358

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