Atlas of the Bryophytes of Britain and Ireland: Volume One


  • Author: M.O. Hill, C.D. Preston and A.J.E. Smith
  • Date Pub: 1991
  • ISBN: ISBN 0946589291
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Volume 1: Liverworts (Hepaticae and Anthocerotae)
This first volume covers the liverworts. The 10-km square dot-distribution maps are the result of a thirty-year survey of bryophyte flora of the British Isles by members of the Bryological Society. All 289 Liverwort species are mapped, each accompanied by notes on its habitat, reproductive biology and overseas distribution. Introductory chapters detail the history of bryophyte recording in the British Isles, including the BBS mapping scheme. Additional maps are included to illustrate various environmental factors affecting the distribution of liverworts.ISBN-10 0946589291 ISBN-13 9780946589296

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