Atlas of North European Vascular plants: North of the Tropic of Cancer


A revised edition of three of Hultén's major works: Atlas över växternas utbredning i Norden Atlas of the Distribution of Vascular Plants in NW. Europe (originally published in 1950, a revised edition issued in 1971); The Amphi-Atlantic Plants (1958, reprinted in 1973); and The Circumpolar Plants; vol.1 (1962, reprinted in 1964)and vol.2(1971). Altogether about 4500 plant taxa are treated either on the maps (1936) or in the text. Includes index.

Three volumes ISBN 3874292630: vol.1, 498pp. ISBN 3874292592: vol.2, 469pp. ISBN 3874292602: vol.3, 204pp. ISBN 3874292614
Gilt-lettered cloth cover.

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