Atlas of Highland Land Mammals


Documents the distribution of the 37 species of land mammals regularly found in the Highland area of Scotland. It includes the bats and seals, but not the truly marine whales, dolphins and porpoises. The distribution maps are based on some 25,000 records, contributed by more than 1200 recorders between 1999 and 2010, plus some earlier historical records.
Individual species accounts give a summary of information on the appearance of each species and it's signs, ecology, behaviour, conservation status, history in Highland, past and present management and hints on where to find them. Information is included on species which are occasionally seen or suspected of being present but which require confirmation. Colour photos show a selection of species and typical signs.
Paperback 142 pages b&w distribution maps and 18 colour photographs in 4 plates.
ISBN: 9780955221132

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