Atlas of British and Irish Hawkweeds

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Over the last 30 years, David McCosh has compiled a database of c.19,000 Hieracium and Pilosella records, representing over 420 species as defined in the latest revision of Hieracium in Peter Sell and Gina Murrell’s Flora of Great Britain and Ireland (2006). The database has been used to produce maps of all the species, showing the current situation, thus significantly updating and revising the last set of Hieracium maps published in the Critical Supplement to the Atlas of the British Flora (1968). The new maps are presented in this book with brief notes and a representative silhouette of each species to provide an invaluable reference source for botanists and conservationists.
Each species account has Latin and English names, distribution map at hectad resolution (pre and post 1960 records are indicated by different symbols), representative silhouette, brief notes, list of vice-counties from which it has been recorded, and IUCN threat category. There is also a list of species accepted for each vice-county.

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A5 paperback. 500 pages. B&W maps plus 1 coloured distribution map.

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