Atlas des plantes rares ou protegees des Hautes-Alpes


  • Full list of Authors: Edward Chas, Franck Le Driant Cedric Dentant Luc Garraud, Jeremiah Van Es, Philippe Gillot Claude Remy, Jean-Christophe gattus Pierre Salomez Lionel Quelin Préfacier Marcel Bournérias
  • Illustrators : Dominique Mansion, Franck Le Driant
  • Text only available in French

    Produced under the aegis of a number of organisations involved in the management and protection of the natural environment in the Hautes-Alpes, this atlas is written by ten botanists.
    The first two chapters list the 342 most scarce taxa in the Hautes-Alpes, specifying for each of them its vulnerability and status. 228 species are described (one page per species). Each record, includes a photograph, a line drawing of Dominique Mansion, a brief description, ecology of the species, habitat, departmental distribution map, threats and protection measures.

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    Further Information:

    31 pages, 264 maps, 282 colour photos, 336 drawings
    22 x 28 cm

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