Atlas de la flore remarquable du val de Loire


The Loire was added to the World Heritage List of Unesco in 2000 and is considered the "last wild river in France". Few works have been devoted to its flora and its natural environment. This well illustrated Atlas is the first such work to do so and is the result of detailed surveys conducted over a period of three years by the National Botanic Conservatory of Paris Basin. Based on 160,000 records within 172 communities the book describes the major habitats and species found in the Val de Loire between the confluence of the Loire with the subsidiary rivers of the Allier and Vienna. 230 species native and more than 20 alien species are identified. "Remarkable" species have been grouped into 11 major habitats with nearly 140 species being described, illustrated and mapped.
460 pp. Colour illustations throughout.
Paperback with semi-gloss pages.

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