An Irish Flora 8th edition 2011


£30 8th revised edition 2011 (1st pub 1943.)

This book is a comprehensive re-working of the classic and standard Flora of Ireland. It has been brought fully up to date through incorporating the latest in botanical research and it reflects contemporary and modern approaches to plant classification based on recent advances in genetics.
This book is about the higher plants that grow wild and which are commonly naturalised or otherwise encountered in Ireland.It is designed to facilitate the identification and provide background information on their morphology, distribution and rarity.

John Parnell is Professor of Systematic Botany at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and Dr. Tom Curtis is an Ecological Consultant and a Research Associate in Botany at TCD and an Adjunct Lecturer in Botany and Plant science, NUI Galway.

Hardback, 560 pages
ISBN: 9781859184783

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