An Introduction to Botany In a Series of Familiar Letters, with Illustrative Engravings


Paperback reprint of a book from the Cambridge Library Collection – Education
Coming from a prosperous London Quaker family, the author Priscilla Wakefield (1751–1832) wrote educational books for children, and one work for adults, Reflections on the Present Condition of the Female Sex (1798), also reissued in this series. This 1796 book on botany, a science which 'contributes to health of body and cheerfulness of disposition' but is difficult to study because of its Latin nomenclature and the cost of textbooks, offers a simple introduction for children through the medium of letters between sisters, as 'Felicia' shares with 'Constance' her growing understanding of plant science. Felicia's governess is a follower of Linnaeus, whose classificatory system is described as 'the one universally adopted', and by the twenty-eighth and final letter, Felicia is describing the class Cryptogamia. This illustrated account in simple language gives an insight into the level of education thought appropriate for young girls at the end of the eighteenth century.

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222 pages,
11 b/w illus.
216 x 140 mm

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