An Illustrated Flora of North Cyprus - volume 2 Sedges, Grasses and Ferns. 1996 corrected edition


This second volume of Deryck Viney's Illustrated Flora of North Cyprus covers two further groups of flowering plants - the often neglected sedges and grasses - and the ferns, so completing his survey of the region's vascular plants. The treatment is as in the first volume, except for grasses, where the author has adopted a practical classification based on inflorescence shapes to assist beginners. This corrected version includes a supplement with new descriptions, drawings and records of additional taxa, not found in the first edition.

For the northern part of the island, then, the two books together form a handy illustrated companion to R.D. Meikle's classic Flora of Cyprus, but their identification-keys enable them to be used independently. They constitute the first fully illustrated flora of any part of Cyprus or indeed, apart from the Flora Palaestina - of any Eastern Mediterranean region. Many of the plants have never been drawn before.
168 line-figs. 187 pages
ISBN: 9783904144049

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