A-Z of Botanical Flowers


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  • Author: Michael Lakin
  • Date Pub: 2012
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Known for his wonderful traditional and contemporary botanical paintings and his passion for the subject, Michael is a keen gardener, and an experienced and enthusiastic tutor whose teaching methods follow a simple step-by-step, six stage technique. In this book he illustrates what materials to use, and how to paint twenty six botanically accurate flowers. Sketching is an important part of the process and artists are shown how to develop accomplished pictures from initial beginnings and observations right through to the drawing and final painting stages. A whole alphabet of flowers is accompanied by sketches, small studies, handy tips and details, with clear descriptions of the colours and techniques used. Beginners will find this book suitable for their skill levels, and those artists with more experience will find much to inspire them.

144 pages, 150 illustrations
ISBN: 9781844485628

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