A Year in the Lives of British Ladybirds


  • Author: Michael Majerus, Remy Ware, Christina Majerus
  • Date Pub: 2008
  • ISBN: ISBN: 0900054735

This book, which originated as a series of articles in the Amateur Entomologists' Society's Bug Club Magazine, recounts how we can discover British ladybirds in their natural habitats through the year.

Written by three hugely experienced 'ladybirders', the book provides instructions of how, when and where to find different species of ladybird, how to identify the adults, and facilitates involvement in current research projects on ladybirds. Excitingly, the book sets out ways in which readers can contribute to national surveys of ladybirds, initiated as a result of the recent arrival of the invasive alien harlequin ladybird in 2004.

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  • Condition: New

Further Information:

60 pages
Colour photos
B/W figures

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