A Year in the Life of an English Meadow


In 1983, Andy Garnett and the writer Polly Devlin, bought a 9 acre pasture called Cannwood Meadow in Somerset. The meadow had flourished under a system of benign neglect for many years and contained more than 88 species of wild flowers, grasses and rushes, which supported many uncommon and some rare insects. The meadow was subsequently nominated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) by the Nature Conservancy Council and with sensitive management now has over 130 plant species and in some abundance. This book presents an illustrated record of Cannwood Meadow through the seasons, an account of its ecology and a review of its plants, animal life and husbandry, compiled by the Garnetts with the assistance of botanist Dr Chris Smith. The book is particularly noteworthy for the high quality reproductions of pressings of 108 plants which allow fine detailed examination of the specimens. These are shown in the chronological order of their gathering.

large hardback; 128pp; colour photographs and prints

ISBN 9780711227224

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