A Nature Conservation Review. The Selection of Biological Sites of National Importance to Nature Conservation in Britain. Volume 1


Re-issue of the 1977 book which analysed and described the range of variation in the wild flora and fauna of Britain and identified important sites that exemplified this rich heritage. These key sites were chosen to represent all the main types of natural and semi-natural vegetation with their characteristic communities of plants and animals. The range of habitats, communities and species is classified under major formations, and in Volume 1, these are subdivided and described. The internationally applicable criteria for evaluating and selecting key sites are also fully discussed. Cambridge University Press published the Review on behalf of the Nature Conservancy Council and the Natural Environment Research Council. It will interest those concerned with the planning, management and use of land and water in relation to nature conservation, as well as for ecologists and naturalists.
Paperback. 451 pages
ISBN: 9780521203296

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