A Manual for the Identification of Plant Seeds and Fruits: Series: Groningen Archaeological Studies 23


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  • Author: R.T.J. Cappers & R.M. Bekker
  • Date Pub: 2013
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9789491431265
  • Published byBarkhuis - more

  • A Manual for the Identification of Plant Seeds and Fruits includes the following plant families:
  • Amaranthaceae
  • Apiaceae
  • Asteraceae
  • Boraginaceae
  • Brassicaceae
  • Caryophyllaceae
  • Convolvulaceae
  • Cyperaceae
  • Fabaceae
  • Geraniaceae
  • Juncaceae
  • Lamiaceae
  • Malvaceae
  • Plantaginaceae
  • Poaceae
  • Polygonaceae
  • Ranunculaceae
  • The taxonomic identification of individual seeds and fruits of wild and cultivated plants is not always straightforward. The specialist literature and botanical reference collections can be helpful, and knowing where to begin reading and comparing can save a considerable amount of time. This manual describes the inflorescence(s) and infructescence(s) seen in each of a set of 19 plant families, as well as the morphology of its seeds and fruits (with special emphasis on fruit typology); the dispersal units (diaspores); and, if present, heterocarpism and seed dimorphism. Each entry concludes with a concise seed atlas that depicts the variation in the individual plant family's seed and fruit forms. Hardback. 273pp. 460 colour photos.

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