A Gardener's Directory of Shrubs & Climbers


  • Author: Jonathan Edwards
  • Date Pub: 2007
  • ISBN: ISBN 1844763935
  • Published bySouthwater - more

Shrubs and climbers play a vital part in any garden, forming the backbone of the planting and providing seasonal colour and structure throughout the year. This expertly written and lavishly illustrated book shows how to select the best shrubs and climbers for all types of garden, whether you are a gardener with years of experience, or someone just starting out.

The book provides a wonderful visual reference source for choosing the best shrubs and climbers. Alphabetically organized, the guide serves as a quick reference for the best shrubs and climbers to grow in the garden according to all their various characteristics.

The book's introduction provides general guidance on the uses of shrubs and climbers in the garden and contains a special section on how plants are named.

The main part of the book is the lavishly illustrated directory. From acers to wisteria, each entry has detailed information on Cultivation, Pruning and Propagation to help the gardener decide which are the best species to plant. Each entry details ideal soil content and moisture level, placement relative to the sun, season and temperature to sow seeds, and maximum size of growth.

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