A Flora of King's Lynn


A five-year survey has identified 800 different plant species in King’s Lynn.
An introductory section describes the setting, scope and habitats of the town, all fully illustrated in colour by the authors. There is an alphabetical listing of all the plants found with all except the commonest species accompanied by a distribution map and text, commenting either on the biology, history or uses of the plant — a mixture of facts designed to make the Flora appeal to a wide public.

The scope includes some of the rural margins of the town, such as the arable areas to the north and east, in the belief that these are liable to be developed in future years. This will give the Flora an historical value as and when such changes occur. It will also act as a baseline database against which changes associated with global warming, or other environmental alterations, may be measured.

"Habitats are not only to be found in the countryside." say the authors "Urban areas made a significant contribution to our wealth of flora, and they are often overlooked. This publication shows what a resource there is in even the densest built-up parts of our towns. We cannot ignore them."

A5 Paperback
128 pages with distribution maps and colour photos.

ISBN 0905113085

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