A Field Guide to the Riverine Plants of Britain and Ireland


This guide is designed as a source book for surveyors using standard river plant survey methods, it has been designed to support training in riverine plant identification. Dichotomous keys are provided to identify more than 900 taxa, including all the vascular plants and bryophytes likely to be encountered within the river recording zone, as well as information on most algae and a list of the lichen taxa that may occur along UK rivers.

As well as identification guidance, the guide includes information on collection and preservation of voucher material, as well as lists of protected and alien riverine plants.
Principally aimed at river surveyors but of practical use to a wider readership. Plant identification is based largely on vegetative features. Well laid out with general key, group keys and genus accounts.

Softcover, 335 pp, 150+ line drawings, b+w photographs

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