A Colour Handbook of Biological Control in Plant Protection


  • Author: Neil Helyer, Kevin Brown and Nigel D. Cattlin
  • Date Pub: 2014
  • ISBN: ISBN 1874545286
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This handbook is designed to help the reader recognize and anticipate specific problems of pest management, and then resolve them using the natural enemies of pests - insects, mites and diseases. The authors first describe the impact of predator-prey relationships on host plant species in arable, orchard and protected environments, providing practical tips for gardeners. The text is illustrated throughout by 340 photographs of the highest quality.At least one colour photo of every entry indicating the different stages of life-cycles.

This revised edition helps readers more fully understand the concepts and practice of biological control and integrated pest management. All chapters have been updated and expanded, and more than 300 new photographs have been added. The second edition covers new beneficial organisms and pest profiles, and it includes a new chapter on the practical aspects and application of biological control. It also contains a new final chapter that puts biological control in perspective, discussing interactions that occur when using biocontrol for population management as well as some of the possible mechanisms of biocontrol.

Hardback. 276 Pages - 568 Color
ISBN ISBN 9781840761177

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