A Book of Reed

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Common Reed (Phragmites australis, formerly P. communis) is a tall grass attaining a height of 5 metres (16 feet) or more, with a large purple inflorescence. Phragmites australis is the dominant species in reedbeds and occurs on every continent except Antarctica and may be one of the most wide-ranging of all flowering plants. Phragmites grows under a variety of environmental conditions ranging from salt to fresh which probably has led to its ubiquitous occurrence around the globe. The common reed has numerous uses worldwide.

In this book, the life history of the plant; its pattern and growth; genetic and clonal variations; along with the plants’ physical and economic impact on its environment, are all discussed.

The book is well written and researched, the author being a long standing investigator in the area, and the text is written in an clear and engaging style making it suitable for a wide audience. It also provides a useful resource manual for students and professional workers with plenty of detailed tables, charts, illustrations and photos in both colour and black and white.

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Paperback. 218 pages. 170 x 240

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